Top 10 Puerto Rico, a digital vacation guide, features the best attractions, places to see, tours, restaurants and things to do, presented in a top 10 list format organized by categories and interests. Each attraction or item on our lists features information, images, location, videos and social media links. If you are looking at what do do when you visit Puerto Rico, our lists are researched by tourism experts who select the best experiences for each category. Lists items are not ranked in any particular order, we choose the 10 best options. You can explore Puerto Rico’s best known attractions, but our lists present the diversity of activities and experiences that Puerto Rico offers and not many people know. Take a Vacation to Puerto Rico and use this guide to plan your itinerary. Feel free to venture out of the San Juan Metropolitan Area to discover many other places with a unique, native and local culture.

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Top 10 Utuado Attractions

Utuado is known as "El Pueblo del Viví" (city of the viví). Utuado was founded in 1739 by Sebastían de Morfi.…

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Central Region Events

ÁREA CENTRAL ACTIVIDADES RECURRENTES Hacienda Luz de Luna y Restaurante Vida Ventura Adjuntas Tel. 787-829-9096 /…

North Region Events

AREA NORTE ACTIVIDADES RECURRENTES Escuela Puertorriqueña de Arte Ecuestre: Así Bailan Nuestros Caballos Vega Baja…

Metro Area Region Events

AREA METRO ACTIVIDADES RECURRENTES Adoquín Jamming Nights Plaza Colón y Plaza de Armas del Viejo San Juan Tel.…

West Region Events

ACTIVIDADES RECURRENTES DE LA REGION OESTE Arte en la Ciudad de las Lomas-Noches de Galería Plaza Santo Domingo,…

South Region Events

ACTIVIDADES RECURRENTES DE LA REGION SUR "Exposición de Artesanía y Cuadros de Pintura  Plaza de Recreo, Arroyo  …

East Region Events

ACTIVIDADES RECURRENTES DE LA REGION ESTE Al Fresco... Paseo de las Artes Abelardo Díaz Alfaro, Caguas. Tel.…

Río Abajo State Forest

Rio Abajo Forest is a forested preserve in Puerto Rico owned by the Department of Natural Resources. It was…

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