Ruta Gastronómica # 152/ Gastronomic Route #152

Naranjito, Puerto Rico

This is one of the most popular Gastronomic Routes on the Island. Over 40 gastronomic establishments are part of it. All of them are open on the weekends and many during the weekdays. Choose from local food kiosks (“chinchorros”), “lechoneras” (specializes in serving portions of pork roasted on a spit), cafés and bakery shops, bars and pubs, family and casual dining, restaurants among others. Under the Top 10 Entertainment Category you will find our recommendation for Naranjito´s Top 10 Restaurants.

Gastronomic Establishment Phone   
Asador San Miguel 787-643-8868
Boricuas Fried Chicken 787-869-3090
Brother’s Pizza #2 787-869-3988
Cafetería El Cedro 787-433-6098
Cafetería la Recta 787-869-6916
Cafetería Papo 787-869-2343
Caldoso’s Pub 787-869-7387
Campo Alegre Bar & Grill 939-405-3086
Chino Caribe 787-483-0993
Chino Latino 787-869-4444
Colmado Cafetín El Posito Dulce Express 787-869-7979
D’ Wings Spot 787-486-5276
El Desahogo Bar & Grill 939-281-8547
El Limbo Bar & Grill 939-281-0300
Eppi’s Pizza 787-869-0560
Faith Book 787-699-8645
Frappé del Centro & Pinchos Los Originales 787-315-7302
Georgie’s & Reini’s Donuts 787-869-0957
Héchale Papa 787-942-6534
Kandeía Rest. Grill & Café 787-947-6740
La Casa del Churrasco 787-869-5895
La Casita de Hiram 787-869-0196
La Esquinita Bar & Gril 939-281-5511
La Guagüita Restaurant 787-527-5663
La Lechonera Cedro Abajo
La Parrillada 939-529-0463
La Taberna Bar & Grill 787-690-5731
La TAZA Coffee Shop 939-418-3911
La Vida Bar 939-281-0300
Marbell Bakery 787-869-3346
Milton’s Pizza 787-702-5182
Mya’s Café 787-406-0549
Nibos Tripletoso 787-367-8868
Nieves Quick Lunch 787-869-9401
Pa’ Ondesea 787-486-9388
Pal’ Velde 787-472-4849
Placita Don Mayo 787-869-6014
Placita Doña Maggie 787-217-9335
Restaurante Bolitas 787-702-1306
Restaurante Las Cataratas 787-869-0658
Sweet Stop Bakery Shop and Pastries 787-918-7145

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