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Top 10 Culebra, Puerto Rico Attractions

Culebra Island is located 17 miles east of Puerto Rico and it is a true paradise with pristine beaches and amazing sites for visitors to explore. Here is a top 10 list of its attractions.

Top 10 Jayuya, Puerto Rico Attractions

Surrounded by mountains and covering an area of 101 km squared, Jayuya is certainly worth a visit. Here are our Top 10 favorite attractions and things to do in Jayuya.

Top 10 Puerto Rico Christmas Must Do’s

Enjoy the happiest and longest Christmas in the world! Starts the last Thursday of November and ends after the San Sebastian Street Festival (mid-January). Puerto Rico offers an endless list of all kinds of activities and events. In every…

Top 10 Ponce Attractions

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico and it is located in the southern coast. It was established in 1692 by Juan Ponce de León's great-grandson - Juan Ponce de León y Loayza. The city’s architecture, neoclassical colonial, is…

Top 10 Caguas Attractions

Caguas is known as the Cradle of the Puerto Rican Identity! It is a beautiful living-museum honoring Puerto Rico's founding fathers: Taíno Indians, Spaniards and African Slaves. It offers a distinct true Puerto Rican Creole (“Criollo”)…

Top 10 Naranjito Attractions

When visiting the town of Naranjito, Puerto Rico here are the Top 10 Attractions you should not miss in this picturesque town.