Misas de Aguinaldo

Puerto Rico

Nine days before the birth of Christ, Catholics from all over Puerto Rico celebrate the “Misas de Aguinaldo” in their respective churches. This “Novenario” (nine nights), which announces the birth of the Child God, begins on December 16, until the Christmas eve. The “Misas de Aguinaldo” has their origin in Spain and in Puerto Rico constitutes one of the first manifestations of Marian devotion. These nine days masses arrived in America early, in the sixteenth century. Another Christmas tradition is the “Misas de Gallo”, which is celebrated on December 24, at midnight.

These are some of the most recognizable churches that offer each year the “Misa de Aguinaldo”: Dulce Nombre de Jesús Cathedral in Caguas, Parish María Auxiliadora in Cantera/Santurce, San Juan Cathedral, Ponce Cathedral, Mayagüez Cathedral and Humacao Cathedral.

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