El Churry

Various Locations

Sandwiches, wraps & burguers Food Truck

El Churry has come a long way since its beginnings in the late 90’s. Its original location was in front of the Interamerican University in Cupey, but due to its increasing popularity, they are now available in three additional locations: Isla Verde, Kennedy Avenue, and Caguas. They even opened a restaurant with the same name that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at 394 San Claudio Avenue in Cupey.


  • Kennedy Ave.
  • Piñero Ave.
  • San Claudio Ave. / 787-998-1872
  • Los Colobos (Marginal Street) / Tel: 787-547-0027
  • Roosevelt (Resolución Street)
  • Caguas (Plaza Centro & Bairoa) / 787-703-3923
  • Levittown (Davidson Plaza)
  • Interamerican University
  • Isla Verde (Punta Las Marías)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elchurrypr/

Website: www.elchurry.com


Isla Verde Location

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