El Rancho de Apa

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

El Rancho de Apa, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Top, Lechonera, Pig

Luis “Apa” Ramos is known by some as “El Rey de lechón asado” (the king of lechón) – and it’s not only locals who swear by his pig. Chef Eric Ripert flies Mr. Ramos up to New York each year for a “lechón” feast at his Michelin-starred Le Bernardin. Mr. Ramos’s father opened La Ranchera in the 1940s and the son took over in 1985, and today works with his own children, Luis, Delinés and Celimar. The roasting pits are in a shack with a corrugated-metal roof and the polished dining room is across the road. Mr. Ramos only makes lechón on weekends, so La Ranchera is a sports bar during the week. Stuffing rice with pigeon peas into the pig’s cavity, so that the drippings can flavor the side dish, is his signature flourish. Arrive early, since the pork often sells out by noon.

Address: PR-173 K.M. 28.9, Bo. Hato Nuevo, Guaynabo, PR
Google Map: https://g.page/elranchodeapa?share
Phone: 939-325-9503 / 787-789-4706
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elranchodapa/
Email: elranchodeapapr@gmail.com

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