La Estación

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Kevin Roth, a native New Yorker and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, make one of the best “lechones” of the Island. La Estacion has been family owned and operated since 2006.  At La Estacion, Roth combines his love for Puerto Rico and passion for Barbecue, creating a new style of cuisine, as he call “Nuyorican BBQ”. He creates a new version of typical dishes he has come to love through joining his wife Idalia and her family, and adopting Puerto Rico as his own. This new interpretation of BBQ and Caribbean cuisine is the culinary story of Kevin Roth and Idalia Garcia’s union, their history and family.

The Dining Experience: A unique indoor/outdoor space.

If you don’t notice the vintage signs that decorate the outdoor kitchen, it is easy to forget La Estacion was once an abandoned Esso Gas Station. The garden atmosphere in the outdoor deck is a space that can be perfect for a large group, yet intimate enough to be romantic. Appropriate for children with its laid back, casual atmosphere and adult enough with its comfortable full bar equipped with fresh fruits and local microbrews on tap. Come have a meal at the bar, BBQ at the quick/self-service tables or a full meal with the grilled options of the day.

Mr. Roth’s “cuerito” (the pork skin) crackles satisfyingly when bitten, and it carries a smoke flavor like no other. The meat is exquisitely tender, with salt and garlic pervading each piece. Mr. Roth uses mango wood for charcoal. “When I first made that pig, I felt, ‘Now I’ve come to Puerto Rico and perfected something that’s truly Puerto Rican,’” he said.

Address: PR 987 Km 4.20 Las Croabas, Fajardo, PR
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Phone: 787-863-4481

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