Thursdays Nights at Hato Rey

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thursday Nights the LGBTQ community goes to pubs around the Eleonor Roosevelt Avenue and Calle 12 de Octubre for drinks, music and fun. The area includes 4 different pubs. The pubs are usually attended by straight people during the week. these queer-friendly pubs are popular because drinks are way cheaper than in other places in the city of San Juan. La Esquina de Polo and El Cojo caters especially to lesbian women, but everyone is welcome. Here are the 4 pubs in this area:

  • Escape Bar
  • El Cojo Bar
  • La Esquina de Polo
  • A Pedir De Boca

Address: 242 Avenue Eleanor Roosevelt, Sector, San Juan, 00918
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Tía María

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