Parque La Ceiba de Vieques (Ceiba Ecological Coastal Park)

Parque La Ceiba de Vieques (Ceiba Ecological Coastal Park), Vieques, Puerto Rico

The Ceiba Tree is one of the most beloved trees in Puerto Rico. Vieques has a very special Ceiba Tree that’s a little over three centuries old. The Ceiba Tree has become sort of a sacred site for locals and one that tourists have come to enjoy.

A group of volunteers from the community created a nature park, a great place for adults and children alike with spacious grounds and informative posters on the Ceiba Tree.

This project is a community initiative for the creation and maintenance of “Parque La Ceiba de Vieques” located on the West side of the Municipal Island of Vieques. The purpose of the park is to create open spaces dedicated to the enjoyment of residents, visitors, tourists and the general public.  The Park preserves the Flora and Fauna creating a functional oasis of the area in its natural habitat.  The “Parque La Ceiba de Vieques” benefits all members of the community, visitors, and is a tourist attraction and educational and landmark.

Map & Directions to the Ceiba Tree – Vieques, Puerto Rico

On the north side of the island, head west of the Vieques Airport.  After visiting the park, head to Mosquito Pier for one of the most scenic places on the island. When you visit, please show respect to the site. Help volunteers protect the tree by not climbing it, do not take any branches or any part of the tree and please do not make any kind of marks on the roots.

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