Downtown Mayagüez

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Mayagüez Cristopher Columbus Plaza

The Emperor of Spain, Phillip II, decreed in 1576 that plazas in the “New World” colonies were to be created following his rigid requirements, namely that plazas were to be placed in the center of each settlement, with major government, commercial, residential and church buildings facing the plaza. Since the founding of Mayagüez, its inhabitants have used Plaza Pública for social, cultural and political purposes. Despite a fire that destroyed much of the town, residents remodeled the plaza in 1842. In 1896, a bronze statue of Columbus was added to the plaza.

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Yagüez Theater

Originally constructed in 1909, the Yagüez Theater has been the leader in presenting grand opera, international dance and chamber orchestra music in Mayagüez. Teatro Yagüez also served as a pioneer movie house. The current building was the product of one of the most brilliant architects of the era, Sabàs Honoré, who reconstructed the theater after a 1919 fire. Raised on a stepped podium, the theater exhibits a wide array of eclectic motifs in the form of detached columns, pilasters, moldings, cornices, finials and french doors. In 1977, the municipality bought the Teatro Yagüez, and refurbished the building.

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Nuestra Sra. de la Candelaria Cathedral

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