Julio Enrique Monagas National Park

Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Parque Julio Enrique Monagas, Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Top 10

The Julio Enrique Monagas National Park used to be ammunition and a weapon warehouse during WWII, but now serves a more peaceful cause. Today, most of the visitors are mountain bikers, as it is one of the few tracks in the metro area. It is highly recommended, if is your first time there, to seek guidance for which trail you should choose depending on your experience. With limestone cliffs, the park is popular for climbing. Use caution and only climb if you are experienced. The park also has several swings and gazebos for the enjoyment of the whole family. The gazebos can be rented to celebrate activities.

Mr. Julio Enrique Monagas (1900 – 1984), born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Monagas is considered the father of Olympic sports in Puerto Rico, and through his efforts, Puerto Rico was admitted into the Olympic games in 1948. Monagas was also the first director Puerto Rico’s Public Recreation and Parks Commission, and the first president of the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization.

Address: Road #28, Km. 4, Hm. 2, Lucchetti Industrial Center, Bayamón, PR
Google Maphttps://goo.gl/maps/ccLqbVDSJU8Vb9Yx9
Phone: 787-269-6600 / 787-832-6603 / 787-740-6868
Email: esantiago@cpnpr.gobierno.pr
Facebook: parquenacionaljulioemonagasbayamon

  • Parking Fees
  • Motor bikes: $2.00
  • Cars: $4.00
  • Buses: $5.00

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