Faro Punta Mulas

faro Punta Mulas, Vieques, Puerto Rico

This beautifully restored lighthouse stands tall and proud on a hill point north of the town of Isabel Segunda which is the main town in Isla de Vieques.

Faro Punta Mulas was built by Don Juan Puig Cerber in 1895, and it was restored in 1992. As you walk up you will enjoy a beautiful vista of Isabel II, and the colorful boats of fisherman along the beautiful blue waters. You can watch ferry arrive, and in the distance enjoy the views of the main island of Puerto Rico and the sister island of Culebra.

El Faro Punta Mulas is now a small museum, which exhibits a collection of artefacts and photos of the island’s history, the natural history of the coast, and marine time history.

Phone: 787-741-0060
GPS: 18°9′16.1″N 65°26′37.8″W
Latitude: 18.1546840668
Longitude: -65.4437713623
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5SpN62LiMpnbBZeR7

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