Hacienda Buena Vista (Buena Vista Plantation), Ponce

Ponce, Puerto Rico

What used to be an important coffee plantation and minor fruit plantation served as the setting for a unique relationship between land, water, and slavery. Today, the heart of what was once the plantation contains a carefully restored historical enclosure with structures of more than a century old and a unique hydraulic turbine.

Rehabilitated and in operation, it is still driven by the waters of the Canas River and still serves as the engine for other machines. Come see and feel how the force of the river was transformed into a movement to process food. Enjoy the cool air under the trees of a subtropical forest and accompany an expert in history and nature to learn about the polyculture in the shade of oranges, cocoa, banana, coffee, and other fruits. For details, contact the Conservation Trust for more information.

Phone: 787-284-7020
Coordinates: 18.083648959801994, -66.65404673134705
Address: Road #123, km. 17.3, Ponce, PR
Google Maphttps://goo.gl/maps/5HMh5mUABmu

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