Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee

Maricao, Puerto Rico

Hacienda Iluminada, 787 Coffee, Maricao, Puerto Rico

Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee grow, process and roast their own coffee. They feel proud of the sustainable and ecological practices and the mission has always been the same: Give every client the freshest coffee & supporting local economies.

Producing premium coffee, employing local people, paying USA wages & bringing quality of life to the people is what we are all about. Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee is a family owned & sustainable farm.

Tour the Farm

Walk through the beautiful mountains & explore the coffee plantation while learning all about the process of growing, processing and roasting single-origin specialty Puerto Rican coffee.  To have fun & learn all

Tours include:

  • Welcome Drink
  • A history and intro to Hacienda Iluminada & 787 Coffee.
  • A tour of the farm with a brief explanation of the effects of Hurricane Maria.
  • Coffee Picking & Processing (Harvesting Season only).
  • Coffee Roasting.
  • Brewing Methods.
  • A free Cup of Goodness – 787 Coffee

Limited amounts of tour dates and spaces. Please call for reservation.

Address: Rd 128 Km 30 (Interior), Maricao, PR
Google Maphttps://goo.gl/maps/DxSjdxPZ18VbntXL8
Phone: 1-888-629-1004

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