Puerto Ferro Archeological Site

In 1991, archaeologists unearthed the skeletal remains of an ancient man, along with other objects, at an inland site on the south side of the island of Vieques. This discovery pinpoints Vieques as one of the earliest known pre-Arawak stone age cultures in the Antilles. Through radiocarbon dating, the remains are estimated to be from about 500-2300 BC.

The remains were buried in an area surrounded with huge boulders. No one knows if the boulders where there naturally, or if they were somehow moved to this spot for some reason by the ancient people. There are no other huge boulders in the area.

The skeletal remains were removed, and the area was excavated in the hope of finding more artifacts. Today, all that remains at site are the boulders. The skeletal remains are on display at the Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte @ UPR

GPS: 18.108257, -65.459787
Google Mapshttps://goo.gl/maps/pJ7NGnHTdvTBHu2x6

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