Culebrita Island, Culebra

Guánica, Puerto Rico

Culebrita Island, Culebra, Puerto Rico, Cays, Islets, Top 10

This spectacular coral small island is located off the East coast of Culebra.  It is a true deserted beach paradise…truly unspoiled with pristine natural resource and crystal clear water. It is perfect for the nature lover traveler that is looking for the ideal place to be in contact with mother nature in a quiet and peaceful tropical ambiance. It is also a great place to relax, swim, walk, hike, discover, explore, feel the breeze, and be embraced by the sun without any interruption.

This amazing y-shaped one mile in length nature reserve is part of the Culebra National Wildlife. You will find beautiful beaches and tidal pools, great snorkeling and scuba diving and unforgettable views all around and mostly from the top of the mountain where the ruins of the Culebrita Lighthouse are located. The lighthouse is the only man-made structure built on the island. It was built in the1880’s and nowadays is in ruins. Do not enter the lighthouse because it is prohibited.

In order to explore the island safely you must walk and hike within the trails. The trails take you to the North (Turtle Beach and the tidal pools), South (lighthouse), East (Trash Beach) and West (West Beach) sides of the island. It is highly recommended to wear shoes to protect your feet. The island is full of desert like vegetation and rocks. Because the island is uninhabited and does not have lifeguards you and your companions must be careful and not to get hurt or overheated.

The most popular beach is Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach) on the north side. It is named for the large number of hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles that use the beach for breeding and feeding purposes. It is a horseshoe shaped white sandy beach great for swimming and good for snorkeling. The second popular beach is West Beach where the water taxis from Culebra Island dock.

The best waters and reefs to snorkel are located on the East and South beaches of the island.

Since there are no facilities at all, do not forget to take with you towels, suntan lotion, bug repellent, sun hat, sunglasses, water shoes, sturdy sole shoes for hiking, beach umbrella, beach chairs, waterproof phone case, plastic bags, underwater camara, change of clothes, first aid kit, motion sickness medication, life jackets, children beach toys, floating water mat, snorkeling gear, food and lots of water!

For water taxis rates, hours and reservations, and other tourism related services needs contact:

Culebra Concierge
Phone: 787-742-3000

Culebrita Island, Culebra, Puerto Rico, Cays, Islets, Top 10

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