Desecheo Island, Rincón

Rincón, Puerto Rico

Desecheo Island is a snorkeling and scuba diving paradise! It is one of the best places to dive in Puerto Rico! It has fantastic visibility (as deep of 150 feet) and untouched healthy reefs full of colors, fish and marine life. It is amazing!

It is an uninhabited mountainous little island located 13 miles from Rincón on the west coast of the main island of Puerto Rico. In 1983 was designated as a National Wildlife Refuge.

Although snorkeling and diving are permitted, the whole Island of Desecheo it is closed to all kinds of visitors because of the presence of unexploded military artillery. Please remember that visitors are not allowed on land. If any person trespasses will be subject to be arrested by Federal law enforcement officers.

Do not forget to take with you towels, suntan lotion, sun hat, sunglasses, waterproof phone case, plastic bags, underwater camara, and change of clothes and motion sickness medication!

Taino Divers offers trips to Desecheo Island:

Address: 564 Black Eagle Marina Road, Rincón , Puerto Rico 00677
Phone: (787) 823-6429

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