Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay – Vieques Island

Mosquito Bay, located in Vieques, Puerto Rico is the brightest Bioluminescent Bay in the World. It displays micro-organisms that light up in a blue-green glow whenever there is movement in the water.

Mosquito Bay, located in Vieques, Puerto Rico is the brightest Bioluminescent Bay in the World. It displays micro-organisms that light up in a blue-green glow whenever there is movement in the water. It is one of the 5 Bioluminescent Bays in the World and Puerto Rico is home to 3 of them. There are several boat tours out to the bay, including kayak trips (which are more ecologically responsible and sustainable to the environment). Any visitor to the island should arrange a trip and those who wish to visit the Bio Bay should arrange their trip around the lunar calendar. The best time to view the bioluminescent bay is when the night sky is dark due to no moonlight. The micro-organisms are not visible under a full moon. It is a great choice for your Green Travel Attractions bucket list.

Travel to Vieques Island:
Getting to Vieques is convenient and affordable (no passport required for U.S. citizens). From San Juan, you have a few options for flights to Vieques or you may also take the ferry from Ceiba located at the marina at Roosevelt Roads. We recommend you buy your tickets in advance to secure your place via This service and ferry schedules are provided by the Maritime Transportation Authority. For additional information please call 787-497-7740.

For tours and other aquatic experiences, please contact:

Abe’s Snorkeling Abe

Along Abe’s guides, you will experience the beauty and science of Bioluminescence, along with the life of Pyrodinium Bahamense, the single-celled organism responsible for this amazing glow. They will drive you to the Bay and provide you with kayak, paddle, vest, and instructions. After a short paddle, you will hear a very informative session explaining the Bioluminescent bay’s unique ecology. Your two-hour kayak tour of the Bio Bay includes pick-up/drop-off at Sun Bay or the Esperanza Malecon. Please contact staff for hours, fees and special instructions.

Bieque Eco Trips

If you want to live the magical experience, come and enjoy with Bieque Eco Trips interpretive guides team which will provide a lot of information. You also can contemplate and learn about the stars, planets, and constellations (with clear sky).

Clothing should be comfortable and that can get wet, long sleeve shirt, shorts, sandals and a towel to dry after activity. Bieque Eco Trips believes in family and eco-friendly activities, so they accept families with children 3 years and older. The company also works with small groups in double kayaks.

Black Beard Sports

This great tour last approximately 3 hours from pickup to drop-off with a one-hour kayak. Tandem kayaks, paddles, life vests, guides and water are included in the price. Transportation from one of two pickup locations is free.

Melaya’s Biobay Tours

Two hour guided tour in our two-person, clear bottom kayaks. The meeting point is across the street from the Green Store located in Esperanza. The tour group is small (maximum of 10 people) which will make the experience a cozy and comfortable interaction between group members. Private and cultural tours available.

Travesías Isleñas Yaureibo

Imagine the hidden world of Bio Bay, enchanting in the stillness of the mangrove canals, yet unexpectedly full of life. Then paddle out the channel towards the sea. Beach the kayaks and explore the beach as the sun sets. At dusk, launch the kayaks back into the final rays of the sun. You will paddle back in, as the twilight deepens, reaching the inner lagoon just as the increasing darkness allows the stars to shine. The darker it becomes the more the bio bay glows and sparkles with every touch of the paddles in the water. Play with the millions of tiny stars in the water! You will learn many of the ‘secrets’ of this complex ecosystem from your knowledgably and experienced guides.

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