Rincón Beaches

Rincón, Puerto Rico

Beach, Rincón

The site of the International Surfing Championships in 1968, Rincón is one of the world’s top surfing locales, offering six scenic beaches along the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The public beach (Balneario de Rincón) attracts thousands of families each year with its calm, pristine waters, clean shoreline, and convenient amenities. Swimming, snorkeling, and sunning are among the activities of choice.

The Sunsets: Virtually every beach in Rincón offers spectacular sunset views. Some of the most popular beaches include Rincón Point, Dogman’s Beach, Tres Palmas, Sandy Beach, Indicators Beach, Playa Domes, María’s Beach, and Spanish Wall Beach. A network of coastal trails allows beachcombers to explore the sandy dunes and find their own private spot to take in the breathtaking evening sky.


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