Tanamá National Forest and River

Utuado, Puerto Rico

Along the Tanamá River you’ll find a range of activities available, whether you want an adventure or to simply enjoy beautiful natural environments.

Through companies like Tanamá River Adventures you can go cave tubing, rappelling, caving, kayaking, jumping off the waterfalls, and hiking through the forest to see caves. Meanwhile, with Batey Zipline Adventures you can choose between hiking across a hanging bridge, ziplining, horseback riding through a picturesque coffee farm, and more.

These are all family-friendly activities guided by experienced professionals whose priority is the safety of their group, first and foremost. Keep in mind that there are alternatives to choose according to the level of challenge you want. If you want to have fun in an environment away from the beaches, definitely consider one of these tours.


Batey Zipline Adventures – Horseback Riding

This tour takes place in beautiful Hacienda Horizonte, Draco Rosa’s haven and paradise in Utuado, Puerto Rico. Draco, a multiple-time Grammy and Latin Grammy winning American-born Puerto Rican musician, singer, songwriter, composer,…

Batey Zipline Adventures

Batey Zipline Adventures Batey Zipline Adventure’s unique setting in the Tanamá National Forest offers breathtaking views of the limestone landscape and lush trails showcasing Utuado’s vegetation. You can choose from a variety of activities…

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