Visitors from the North: Whale Watching Tours

Rincón, Puerto Rico

Whale WatcWhale Watching Tours, Rincón, Puerto RIcohing Tours, Rincón, Puerto RIco

With a mere fifteen thousand Humpback Whales remaining in the ocean, it is a rare and breathtaking opportunity to be able to view these wonderful mammals. And Puerto Rico is the perfect whale watching destination, as visitors are able to view this endangered species during their mating and birthing season. Between the months of January to the end of March, is the best time for whale watching in Puerto Rico, and as the whales move past during their return migration, many baby whales can be seen. One of the most popular whale watching locations is at the Rincon Lighthouse also known as Parque y Faro Punta Higuera.

The Rincon Lighthouse is the best vantage point during the month of February, when the elegant ocean giants glide past so close to the shore that they can be seen from the beach. Visitors will also be able to take boat trips out to the whales, for a closer look. The whales are so undisturbed by the boats, that they get within touching range of the passengers.

Taíno Divers in Rincón
offers a 2-hour sunset cruise. Requires a 6-person minimum. Reservations are required.
Phone: 787-823-6429

Katarina Sail Charters in Rincón
offers a 2-hour sunset cruise, with whale watching in-season.
Phone: 787-823-7245
Facebook: katarinasailcharters
Google Map:

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