The “Criollo” Heart Route

Caguas, Puerto Rico


This urban trail includes 12 stops as part of this historical-cultural tour. Our visitors will be able to enjoy our varied collection of museums, which highlights our history, handicrafts, arts, variety of music genres, and Puerto Rican architecture, among others.   They will also be able to taste a varied menu of Puerto Rican delicacies in the gastronomic establishments located near the Route and Plaza Palmer.

It is a trip through the history and evolution of the Puerto Rican identity. Our visitors will discover the hidden charms of this land, rich in the historical footprints, traditions and characteristics that are found at the crossroads of our ethnic groups: Taínos, Spaniards and Africans. The fusion of these three ethnic groups created the “criollo”, in other words, the Puerto Rican.

The Route can be experienced on your own through a self – guided tour using maps, brochures and audio guides. For those who prefer guided tours they are also available.

Admission: Free
Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am -12 and 1pm -5pm
Phone: 787-653-8833 exts. 2906 & 2908

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