La Princesa Promenade, The San Juan Gate & Plazuela de la Rogativa

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Also known as Paseo La Princesa

Paseo La Princesa

Paseo La Princesa is near Plaza de la Marina. It is a promenade lined with trees, pocket parks, sculptures, and benches, and leads to a magnificent fountain with a bronze sculpture by Luis Sanguino depicting the island’s cultural roots (Raíces Fountain). Midway through the promenade is La Princesa Building, a former jail and now headquarters of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. The restored building features a gallery of Puerto Rican art with permanent and visiting exhibitions.

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The San Juan Gate

The San Juan Gate was built in 1635, it is the oldest and the last gate standing. San Juan was a gated city with five gates and the San Juan Gate ( “La Puerta de San Juan”) was the main gate to the city. As you approach the gate you will see the inscription “Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini”: Blessed who comes in the name of the Lord.

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Plazuela de la Rogativa

Plazuela de la Rogativa features a small plaza with a bronze sculpture by Lindsay Daen. The work recreates the day, that according to a legend, a bishop and his companions helped frighten away British troops during the 1797 attack on the city by carrying torches and chanting. The enemies thought the procession was local troop reinforcements.

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