Ballajá Barracks & The Museum of the Américas

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ballajá Barracks

El Cuartel de Ballaja (The Ballaja Infantry Barracks Building) was constructed by the Spanish army between 1854 and 1864. The structure is one of the most impressive constructed by Spain in the New World and it stands as the last example of monumental military architecture by the Spanish Monarchy in the Americas. Located on a lot of approximately three acres between Morovis, Beneficencia and Norzagaray streets, y occupies six city blocks of the Ballaja community (Barrrio Ballaja) that were expropriated and demolished in 1853. This important historic resource built for military purposes, has evolved with the passage of time becoming a cultural center, rendering tribute to Puerto Rico’s rich cultural heritage.

Note: For information regarding exhibitions after Hurricane María please call 787-724-5052.

Phone: 787-721-3737
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Ballajá is currently home to organizations such as:

  • Paulette Beauchamp / DanzActiva: Dance School, Tablao & Cultural space / 787-775-9438
  • Francisco López Cruz Foundation: Music School / 787-722-4959
  • Cine Bar 1950: Restaurant & Movie theatre / 787-708-6113
  • Don Ruiz: Roastery, Museum and Café / 787-723-1462
  • The Museum of the Américas / 787-724-5052
  • The Puerto Rico Academy of the Spanish Language / 787-721-6070
  • The State Office of Historic Conservation / 787-721-3737

The Museum of the Américas

Founded in 1992, by Dr. Ricardo E. Alegría, The Museum of the Américas presents a permanent exhibition program, through which exposes aspects of the history and culture of Puerto Rico and the Américas. These exposures are: The Popular Arts in the Américas, The Indian in América: twenty-two ethnic groups that have survived the conquest and colonization by Europeans, The African Heritage, and Conquest and Colonization: The birth and evolution of the Puerto Rican Nation.

Address: Norzagaray Street, Old San Juan, PR
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Phone: 787-724-5052

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