Cruceta del Vigía & Japanese Gardens

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Cruceta del Vigía & Japanese Gardens, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Cruceta del Vigía
This is a very interesting place because in 1801 the people of Ponce built a small watch house and a cross that was used to raise the flag of any incoming ship to the city. Ships could be from different European countries, not only from Spain. By doing so, local commerce could be advised of the arrival of ships and the authorities could prevent possible attacks from pirates and corsair. This the reason why it was considered was an essential and fundamental element of their lives.

Today you will find an enormous cross, with a height of around 100 feet that raises to almost 300 feet above sea-level, offering an impressive and panoramic view of the city of Ponce, the Ponce harbor and the Caribbean Sea.

The Cruceta del Vigía, the Japanese Gardens and the Serrallés Castle are under the patronage of the Patronato del Castillo Serrallés Inc.

The Japanese Garden is located adjacent to La Cruceta del Vigía. It isfilled with symbolism, spirituality and poetry that portray the Japanese philosophy of life of equilibrium and harmony. It is a very quiet place where you will enjoy the sounds of nature. It is a great place for meditation and relaxation. You will find reflecting ponds, bonsai trees, rock gardens, typical Japanese bridges, gazebos and trellises.

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Open from Thursday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Address: #17 El Vigía Ponce, PR
Phone: 787-259-1774 or 787-259-1775

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