Quesos Vaca Negra – Cheese Tour

Hatillo, Puerto Rico

From the field of Hatillo, Puerto Rico, Vaca Negra Inc. offers an exquisite variety of aged cheeses, handmade yogurts, seminars and visits to the public

“Make your Own Cheese” The Tour …
Dare to know and create … A Unique Experience

It is part of the innovative concept that has captivated Puerto Ricans and visitors from around the world. Vaca Negra offers you an agrotourism and gastronomic experience in Hatillo. Come and enjoy the world of 100% aged cheeses in Puerto Rico. If you are a lover of cheese, surely every time you arrive at a party you will go directly to evaluate the table of the picadera to make sure that they have what you like and then you go through the bar, to see that there is good wine. You, who have a special palate, should know that here in Puerto Rico there is a delicacy prepared with the perfect ingredients to give you a pleasant Gustazo that satisfies your uncontrollable desire.

The famous workshop “Make your own Cheese … The Tour” is endorsed by the PR Tourism company. It is an innovative experience that has captivated Puerto Ricans and visitors from all over the world where they discover the world of aged cheeses made 100% in Puerto Rico.

Phone: 787-262-5656
Address: Carr. 493 Bo. Carrizalez Km. 0.7 Hatillo 00659
Google Maphttps://goo.gl/maps/ExbGZGTKva12

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