Punta Higuera Light House

Rincón, Puerto Rico

Built in 1922, this lighthouse is situated in a park with great views to Domes Beach and nearby Desecheo island.

Punta Higuero Light, also known as Faro de Punta Higuero, is an historic lighthouse located in Rincón, Puerto Rico. The original building was built in 1892 by the Spanish government and was rebuilt in 1922 by the United States Coast Guard.
In 1892, the original light was built as a fixed white 6th order station with a 6-mile range light beam. It had an Mediterranean appearance that came from an elaborate combination of exposed and indented brick work in the facades around doors and windows and corners. The “castle” look was further emphasized by reddish stucco imitating stone-work on all facades and the very elaborate exposed brick cornice topped by a parapet built in lace-like brick-work. The lighthouse was severely damaged by the 1918 earthquake that struck the west part of the island.
The new light was placed in commission on January 12, 1922. The building suffered fire damage after the light was automated in 1933 and was later razed. The town of Rincón built El Faro Park around the lighthouse, a popular spot for surfing and whale watching.  It’s also a great place to watch the sunset and, if in season, whales swimming by.
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El Faro Park

El Faro Park surrounds the lighthouse. It features benches, pergola-style shelters, tree-lined lawns and wooden walkways. Follow the path running north from the lighthouse to a viewpoint of Domes Beach. Stop to admire the surfers riding the beach’s world-famous waves. At the opposite end of the park look down on Indicators Beach, another popular surf spot. Telescopes are available for those hoping to catch a sneak peek at marine life or to soak in the spectacular sunsets.

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