Skydive Puerto Rico

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Live one of the best experiences of your life – Skydive Puerto Rico invites you to feel this extreme sport with world-class instructors.

The Best Experience of Your Life!

The tandem jump is by far the quickest, safest and most convenient way to experience the thrill of a real freefall skydive. Your instructor begins with a short training and safety briefing.

After this, you will understand the equipment and the sequence of events. Then you and your instructor share a tandem harness, free falling from 10,500 feet at speeds of 120 mph or more!!

After almost a minute of free fall, your instructor will open the dual sized parachute and together you’ll fly back to the ground for a soft landing. Your instructor will take care of everything which will allow you to completely enjoy yourself!

Phone: 787-472-3483 Karin
787-436-6215 Ernesto

Address: Aeropuerto Regional Antonio Nery Juarbe Carr. #2 Km. 69.5 Barrio Santana Arecibo, PR
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