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Cities and Tourism Regions are the main components of what we call Destinations.

Puerto Rico has 78 municipalities or cities, here we present the Top 10 City lists that highlight the attractions of each city. If you are looking for what to do or what to see while visiting any of these cities in Puerto Rico, explore the following lists and learn about the variety of activities the Island has to offer.


In addition, we like to inform you that the Archipelago of Puerto Rico is divided in six tourism regions: Central, East, North, South, West and Metro Area. Each region is full of diverse and exciting attractions, experiences, activities, things to do and places to visit.

These regions are not small, on the contrary it is surprising that for a small size island each of these regions offers so much. To facilitate planning your visit we present Top 10 Lists of the regions. When then region is too large we include Top 10 Lists of a specific part of a region.

We will periodically add new cities and regions.

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