Privacy Policy

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Top 10 Puerto Rico, Inc. (“Top 10 Puerto Rico” or “Us”, “We”) is dedicated to protecting your personal information and We hereby inform you how We protect and use such information. This Privacy Policy applies to all transactions, data transmission that occurs with Top 10 Puerto Rico through its websites and (the “Sites”). By using our Sites, you accept the terms and conditions and practices described in this Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms of Use, which is incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy. If you see an undefined term in this Privacy Policy (such as “Services”, “Merchants”, or “Application”), it has the same definition as outlined in our Terms of Use.

In order to use our Sites and Services, you must provide certain personal information necessary for the transaction, such as name, address, telephone number, credit card number, or email address. In addition, you must provide certain demographic information, such as zip code, city, username, age, date of birth, IP address, and other device histories. In addition, We may collect the following information regarding your interaction with the Sites and/or our Services: interactions with other Merchants, communications with other Merchants, information provided by third parties (including but not limited to Facebook or Google), if you decide to connect your respective third-party accounts to our Sites, payment methods and/or information that you voluntarily provide to us.
Please note that We do not knowingly store, collect or maintain user information for persons under the age of eighteen (18) years of age. If it comes to our attention that We have inadvertently received information from a person under eighteen (18) years of age through the Sites, We will delete that information from our records.

In order for this Website to function properly, We sometimes install small data files, known as cookies, on users’ devices. Most websites do too. A cookie is a small text file that websites install on the computer or mobile device of users who visit them. Cookies make it possible for the website to remember user actions and preferences (login ID, language, font size, and other display preferences) so that it does not have to be reconfigured when you return to the site or browse through its respective pages. On some pages We use cookies to remember, without limitation:
• Your presentation preferences (for example, contrast, color, or font size).
• If you have already responded to a pop-up questionnaire about the usefulness of a particular content (not to ask you to do so again).
• Whether or not you have given your consent to use cookies on our Sites.

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Although cookies are not essential for the Sites to work, if you enable them you will enjoy a better browsing experience. You can delete or block cookies, but if you do, some of the features on these Sites may not work properly. The information associated with cookies is not used to personally identify the user. In addition, We fully maintain data on their navigation patterns. These cookies are used exclusively for the purposes indicated here. You can control or delete cookies whenever you want. For more information, see In addition to being able to remove all cookies already on your computer, you can also configure most browsers to stop accepting them. But keep in mind that if you reject cookies, you may have to manually reconfigure your preferences each time you visit a site and that certain features and services cease to function.

The main purpose of accessing and using your information is to provide you with a great experience. Your information is collected and stored to provide you with certain personalized services and to develop new products and Services.

We may communicate directly with you regarding your transactions, using confirmation emails confirming your transactions or providing information on possible events of interest. It is important to note that this communication may also help us provide you with specific information that you may deem necessary, such as cancellation warnings and other unexpected information. We may use your information for the processing, billing and/or recovery of transactions made on or through the Sites.

We may use your information to provide or send (via email, telemarketing, location-based marketing, push notifications and/or any other means) information about the Sites and Services and/or products provided by Top 10 Puerto Rico and/or its affiliates, information about the services and/or products of third parties; and /or information for which you have indicated interest.

This information also helps us measure the performance of our Services allowing us to continually improve. The information provided can also help us in the detection of fraud, abuse and other behavior.

We may use your information for internal purposes related to research and development; to make business decisions; or to improve or develop our service and/or products. In addition, your information could be used to generate statistical reports or analysis.

When you interact with our Sites to purchase a Pass offered by Us, you agree to share some personal information with Us in order to complete the transaction. Said information will be provided by you.

We will not share any billing or credit card information you have submitted to Us to any Merchant.

Unless otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, Top 10 Puerto Rico agrees to keep all information secure and will not disclose it for any other matter.
We may disclose your information if a government agent or law enforcement agent makes an application, as long as it complies with applicable law.
We may transfer, assign, rent or sell your information to third parties in connection with events outside our ordinary business practices, including, without limitation, the sale, merger, consolidation, change of control, transfer or sale of assets, reorganization or liquidation.

We may share or disclose your information to our affiliates (i.e. Merchants) and/or those entities or persons with whom We have entered into agreements to (i) perform functions or services relating to the operation, administration and maintenance of the Sites (including but not limited to service providers web hosting, programming or applications); (ii) the processing of collections and payments of transactions made through the Sites; (iii) the processing, handling and delivery the Services, Requests, and/or Offers (each as defined in the Terms of Use) in the Sites; and / or (iv) provide or submit information about the Sites, the services and products of Top 10 Puerto Rico or its affiliates, services and products of third parties, and / or information for which you have indicated interest.

We may share or disclose your information with our affiliates and / or third parties (i.e. Merchants) who may collect and / or use your information to provide or send you, via any means or method (including, without limitation, email, telemarketing, “push notifications” (i) information about your products and / or services, (ii) information about the products and services of third parties, (iii) marketing information, (iv) newsletters, (v) services or personalized content, and / or (vi) targeted advertising and / or content.

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We may offer services, products or promotions together with our affiliates or third parties on or through the Sites. In such cases, We may share or disclose your information collected in connection with such services, products or joint promotions to the affiliate or third party with which such service, product or promotion is performed.

Information shared with affiliates or third parties will be subject to their privacy policies.
We may share or disclose your information in aggregate form with third parties that you engage to allow viewing and arrangement of online advertising of our services or products on third party sites, pages or websites. These third parties include: advertising networks, advertising platforms, agencies, data analysis and social media service providers, among others. We reserve the right to disclose or share information in aggregate form that does not identify any particular user with third parties for purposes of marketing analysis.

As described in this Privacy Policy, We may sometimes share your information within our company or an affiliate company, as may be created from time to time, or with third parties. When you use the Sites and Services, you authorize us to transfer, store, and process your information in the United States and possibly other countries. Laws in these countries may differ from the laws applicable to the place where you live. For example, information collected within the European Economic Area may be transferred, stored, and processed outside of the European Economic Area and in the United States for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. By using our Sites and Services, you consent to transferring your data from your home country to the United States.

Third parties may collect information about their activities online at different sites or web pages.
We may contract with third parties in matters related to the operation, development and maintenance of the Sites (such as banners, web hosting, applications, among others), including topics related to the exhibition and layout of online advertising. These third parties may access, collect and / or use your information through their own cookies, web beacons, local storage technology or other technology to keep track of the number of users accessing the Site and / or to identify advertising insertions more suitable for their interests, preferences and activities.

Top 10 Puerto Rico and its affiliates are not responsible, nor control or sponsor the webpages, applications, sites and / or third-party websites that can be accessed through the links that appear in the Sites. Therefore, these third parties are solely responsible for the collection, administration and / or disclosure of any information you provide on or through such platforms, pages, applications, sites and / or third-party websites. Top 10 Puerto Rico and its affiliates do not guarantee that such third-party platforms, pages, applications, sites and/or portals protect the information they obtain from their users. These other websites, sites and/or portals may have their own privacy policies and information collection policies, which they must examine before providing any information to them.

We may track your online behavior by using technology to increase the effectiveness of the ads or content provided on the Website or on the channels. Examples of online behavior that can be traced include response to promotions or advertisements, websites being visited, and content accessed.
Currently, some browsers offer their users the option of selecting the “do-not-track” option in their configuration. These browsers, in turn, transmit signals to the websites with which the browser communicates. To the extent that there is no uniformity in the industry with respect to the use of this type of technology, for the moment We will not assign value or meaning to “do-not-track” signals and We will not respond to them.

We can offer mechanisms that will allow you to correct or eliminate the information you have provided. You must access, correct or delete the information that you provide as part of your registration through the mechanisms available on the Sites. If you wish to delete the information that has been collected, you can do so by sending an email to

You acknowledge and agree that even if your information is deleted, certain information may still be stored in the records and/or files of Top 10 Puerto Rico, Top 10 Pass and / or its affiliates with whom such information has been shared as described in this Privacy Policy. However, such information will not be used by Top 10 Puerto Rico or its affiliates for any commercial purpose.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please send an email to

You may at any time opt-out the authorization you have given us to use your information to provide or send you information about the services and products of your affiliates or third parties, or to share your information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. You can exercise these options in the following ways:

If you do not wish to receive emails with commercial messages, you can do so using the mechanism provided in the emails with commercial messages sent by us (located at the end of each message) to request that no more messages be sent to you. If you have any inconvenience in using the mechanisms offered by us to request that you no longer receive emails with commercial messages, you can send an email to indicating the commercial message(s) you do not want to receive.

If you wish to opt-out the authorization you have given us to share your information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, you must send an email to

Top 10 Puerto Rico reserves the right to amend, modify, add to, and/or replace at any time, this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part. We may inform you of such changes by posting them on the Site. In such notice, We will disclose the effective date of such amendments, changes, substitutions or modifications to this Privacy Policy. Our use of the Site to notify amendments, changes, substitutions or modifications to this Privacy Policy will be understood as sufficient notice to you. Unless otherwise provided in a specific notice, changes or amendments to this Privacy Policy will take effect as soon as they are posted through the Sites. Any material changes to this Privacy Policy regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information will be of a prospective nature, except in cases where the user grants his express affirmative consent for such material changes to apply to his information collected under previous versions of this Privacy Policy.

If any provision of this Privacy Policy is declared null and void, unlawful, unconstitutional or otherwise without legal effect, in whole or in part, by a competent court, the remaining provisions will remain valid and will continue to bind the parties to all legal effects.

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