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San Juan Museum

To enrich, preserve and disseminate the history, artistic riches and cultural heritage of the Capital City, offering a panoramic vision of the development of San Juan and citizens´ contribution from its inception until the present. The…

Museum of Art and Design of Miramar

MADMi is an interactive space that aims to generate ambitious and relevant projects that encourage artistic work and creativity, and that have a positive impact on our community. The Esposos Luis Méndez Vaz Foundation and María Bagur, Inc.…

Caguas Arts Museum

This museum is dedicated to the work of the Puerto Rican hands that transform the noble materials in craft works. Located in a 18th century neo-classical that formerly served as a butcher, today it is a space that pays a tribute to the…

Ponce Museum of Art

The Ponce Museum of Art is recognized internationally as an important center of European Art in America and it is the largest museum in the Caribbean.

Art Museum of Puerto Rico

The MAPR has 24 exhibition galleries distributed between the historical building in the west wing and the addition in the east wing