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Cayo Aurora (Guilligan’s Island) Guánica

It is very popular among locals and is one of Puerto Rico’s cays you can’t miss. In the mid 70´s it wasnicknamed Gilligan’s Island after the popular tv show. Cayo Aurora, the cay’s formal name, is a mile off the coast of the town of …

Scuba Dive The Famous Parguera Wall

The 20-mile long wall, located about 4 miles offshore, has a series of slopes and sheer drop-offs that start at 9m/30ft and continue to 36m/120ft. The Wall is home to sponges, elkhorn coral, gorgonians, black coral and many more underwater…

Cabo Rojo

The town of Cabo Rojo is the most visited tourist destination for locals

Downtown Mayagüez

Mayagüez Cristopher Columbus Plaza The Emperor of Spain, Phillip II, decreed in 1576 that plazas in the "New World" colonies were to be created following his rigid requirements, namely that plazas were to be placed in the center of each…

Schoenstatt Shrine, Cabo Rojo

The church in Cabo Rojo is on the grounds of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary (Madre Tres Veces Admirable). This Roman Catholic movement is worldwide and emphasizes a strong devotion to Christian beliefs and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Phone:…

Basilica Menor La Monserrate,Hormigueros

In 1998, Pope John Paul II raised the rank of the Church of Our Lady of Montserrat to that of a minor basilica, a distinction held previously on the island only by the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in the capital.

La Parguera Nature Reserve, Lajas

La Parguera is located on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Lajas. The Parguera Natural Reserve includes all the coastline of the municipality of Lajas extending 1 km towards land from the shore and 9 nautical…

Birdwatching Tours with Adventours

Birding in Puerto Rico can be done in a very relax way. Whether you are looking for a half, full, multi day birding trip, or an all-inclusive vacation, we have the right options for you.