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Rocaliza Adventure Tours

This amazing adventure takes you to a rainforest, located 45 minutes south of San Juan near the city of Caguas. Caguas was host to some of the island’s most important sugarcane plantations providing employment to thousands of Puerto…

Aventuras Tierra Adentro

You will explore Angeles’ Cave, part of the famous Rio Camuy cave system in its truly natural state. Put on your lamped helmet, buckle your life jacket, don your harness and now you're ready for a once in a lifetime caving experience.…

Batey Zipline Adventures

Batey Zipline Adventures Batey Zipline Adventure’s unique setting in the Tanamá National Forest offers breathtaking views of the limestone landscape and lush trails showcasing Utuado’s vegetation. You can choose from a variety of activities…

Camuy Zipline Adventures

Zipline Over the biggest and deepest sinkhole in the Island. This zipline adventure is located inside the Camuy Cave River Park.

JungleQui Zip Line Park @ Río Grande

JungleQui Zip Line Park at El Yunque National Forest is the destination that has all for family and friends looking for safe and fun adventure. You will experience firsthand beautiful hiking trails and the thrill ride of seven Carbon Fiber…

Rainforest Zipline @ Río Grande

We offer our unique zipline experience to anyone from 8 years old and up, with or without previous experience, with the hope of helping our guests to develop or improve the required skills of the sport while also simply having a great time!

Toroverde Nature Adventure Park

Toroverde is an Ecological Adventure Park where you can spend the day enjoying some of the most breathtaking views of Puerto Rico while experiencing adventure with family and friends.