Top 10 Culebra, Puerto Rico Attractions

Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Culebra is located 27 km (17 miles) east of Puerto Rico and 19 km (12 miles) west to Saint Thomas, its dimensions are about 11 km (7 miles) long and 5 km (3.5 miles) wide. Its total area including surrounding Cays is 7,000 acres. Culebra was founded on October 27, 1880 by Cayetano Escudero.

Culebra original names were “Isla Pasaje” and “Isla de San Idelfonso” in honor of Bishop San Idelfonso de la Culebra. Cayetano Escudero was the first Delegate of Culebra appointed by a Governmental order from Vieques on August 2, 1881. The capital is Dewey, which contains most of the archipelagoes 2000 souls. The municipality of Culebra includes all surrounding islets: Cayo Norte, Cayo Ballena, Cayos Geniqui, Culebrita, Arrecife Culebrita, Cayo de Luis Peña (named after its second owner), Las Hermanas, El Mono, Cayo Lobo, Cayo Lobito, Cayo Botijuela, Alcarraza, Los Gemelos, and Piedra Steven.

Culebrita is the largest cay near Culebra. Culebrita’s beach is the finest of white sand and the water visibility is almost unlimited. It is accessible only by boat and boasts the oldest operating lighthouse in the Caribbean. The Culebrita Lighthouse was built in 1886. In 1975, the Navy and Coast Guard closed the facility.

The island’s most popular beach is Flamenco Beach, because of its white and soft sands. Camping is available at Flamenco Beach on the north shore. Culebra Campgrounds are government-run, for reservations contact: Autoridad de Conservación y Desarrollo de Culebra, Attn: Playa Flamenco, Apartado 217, Culebra, PR 00775.

Come, join the local vibe and explore one of Puerto Rico’s most gorgeous destinations.

TOP 10 Culebra, Puerto Rico Attractions

Culebra Eco Tours

The Culebra Eco tours along with the jet ski tours are the only ones that take you on a voyage to explore the unseen parts of the island. Their main motive behind all this is to make people conscious about the natural treasures on this…

Aquafari by Kayaking Puerto Rico

The name ‘aquafari’ is a combination of two words- aqua and safari that defines this amazing excursion. This is probably something you will love to be a part of. This can be a full day trip or a part day one. This includes exploration of…

Zoni Beach

The Zoni Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches among all Culebra beaches. The size of this beach is small and it is never much crowded so it is a good idea if you want to spend some time in peace and serenity. There is though not much…

Tamarindo Beach

It is a part of the Luis Peña Channel Natural Reserve. This beach lies on the extreme western side of the Caribbean Island. It is known mostly as a remote beach ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Apart from this there are many people who…

Sunsets in Culebra

You spent a full day in Culebra, take a half hour to just sit down and admire a live unique painting being brushed and unveiled right in front of you…one more memory to add to a perfect day in Culebra.  Head to Melones Beach, one of the…

Carlos Rosario Beach

This beach is just another branch of the beautiful Caribbean island of Culebra. Though Flamenco is the most popular but it gets a bit crowded at some times. If you want complete peace and serenity, the Carlos Rosario is the best option. The…


Culebrita is a part of the Puerto Rican Archipelago and lies on the eastern part of the Caribbean Island.

Culebra Museum of History “El Polvorín”

At Museo El Polvorin you can enjoy exhibits of native “Tainos” including a wooden canoe children will enjoy seeing. The museum also has exhibits of the Navy’s artifacts when Culebra was used as a bombing testing area. There’s a wall with…

The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge

It is one of the many wildlife refuges that is managed and administered by the US fish and wildlife department. It covers a huge area and is mostly known for the exotic range of birds and extraordinary animal life of the place. The refuge…

Travel to Culebra Island
Getting to Culebra is convenient and affordable (no passport required for U.S. citizens). From San Juan, you have a few options for flights to Culebra or you may also take the ferry from Ceiba located at the Marina Dr, Roosevelt Roads.

The following rates are also available at the port’s ticket office. We recommend you to buy your tickets in advance to secure your place via, this service is provided by Maritime Transportation Authority.

  • Infants from 0 – 2 years old: Free
  • Kids from 3 – 11 years old: $1.00
  • Adults from 12 – 59 years olds: $2.00
  • Adults from 60 – 74 years old: $1.00
  • Seniors 75 + years old: Free

The purchase through the website have a service fee of $3.00 per ticket plus IVU.
To buy tickets for Infants and Seniors (75 + years old) you must go to the ticket office of the ports and present identification with photo.

Ferry Departure Hours from Ceiba to Culebra:
      Cayo Largo Departure:
      4:00am • 9:00am • 3:00pm • 7:00pm (1:20 minutes)
      Big Cat Express:
      6:00am • 10:30am • 3:00pm (45 minutes)

Ferry Departure Hours from Culebra to Ceiba:
     Cayo Largo Departure:
     6:00am • 1:00pm • 5:00pm • 8:30pm (1:20 minutes)
     Big Cat Express:
     7:15am • 12:00pm • 4:45pm (45 minutes)

For additional information please call 787-497-7740.

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